Kite Stories and Adventures

This page is open to provide members a way to share their favorite kite moments or adventures. Go on a major kite trip? Have a great outing at your local park? Get a great smile because you saved a kite outing for newbies?

Well tell us about it! To start out we have a major trip for Ron Despojado and a 30 minute KAP flight for Rick Spurgeon. What is your favorite kite story?

A Trip To KAPICA 2016

Amateur Radio and Kite Project

Revolution Reflex Specs

Glenn Mitchell Video –  

Fun with Girl Scouts 2015

Harold Myers Video Series

Ron Despojado Travels To the Far East

Rick Spurgeon – Diary of a Wimpy KAP’er

The Missing Banner by A Shameless Nameless Person

Kite Party Lessons by Les Miller

Kelli and the Hummingbird by Dave Corning

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