March General Meeting

Kite Party in Huntington Beach is March 10 – 11. Since this would normally be kite club weekend we will probably move the meeting to another day since many of our regulars go to Kite Party. More details will be posted when a decision is made.

Don’t know about Kite Party? More info can be found at
To be an official Kite Party participant you must pre-register at the above link. Registration is limited to 100 flyers so don’t wait too long. As of Dec 13 there were 37 people registered including several SDKC members. Since registration is limited don’t register if you aren’t sure you can go. Non-flying people do not have to register (in my case Mrs. WebApprentice attends but doesn’t need to be a registered participant). This mazimizes the openings for flyers.
Registered but have to back out later? Let them know some someone else can fill your spot.
Not registered but decide late in the game you can go? Registration doesn’t always fill up so check the RSVP’s at the above link. If registration is full come on up anyway. There is still fun to be had. There is lots of beach to fly on, you can still socialize, and there is a fun pizza party and auction Saturday night.