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Upcoming Event Info located on this homepage with links to pages with more detailed info if needed. So be sure to scroll down aways.

–Event updates thru March 11, 2018, scroll on down the page!

-New Years Eve Day Fighter Challenge Report and Photos HERE
-New Years Day Photos HERE

-See all three Hadzicki Brothers flying a demo in 1990! Plus Team Top Of The Line! Added to The Archives Here

–A story about SDKC Mini Banners added to Kite Stories HERE

Send your submission for Events, Kite Stories ( generally not club events but more personal stories), or the Archives to:


Submissions can be as long or short as you want. A couple of pictures and a paragraph or two is all it takes. We are especially interested in Kite Stories And Adventures. Do some kite flying on a trip, help a struggling family at the Bay, do a kite demonstration,  build your first kite? We want to hear about it.